Open Door Clinic 

St. Wilfrid's Church

What We Need

Food and basic needs donations - Thank you to Wawa and Panera Bread who continue to be generous.
We appreciate the support of small bills and gift cards to buy the food we distribute.  Gift cards are great support.
We always need Spanish-to-English translators.
Our e-mail address is:  
Pray for the church: St. Wilfrid's, its strengthening.

 ​On Our Last Events:

On January19, we gave away 54 food bags and lots of new coats....and sneakers.
We again provided over 75 coats and jackets to our patrons and their children.
We gave away over 50 gift bags of hats and gloves-thanks to Toni B.
Since October 2011, the clinic has provided 3,030 documented health screenings.
On February 16 ,  we will be open for distribution of clothes,and food bags and health screenings.
​The local utility turned off the gas in the church in preparation to the demolition of the fire damaged rectory-IN ERROR.
​Undeterred, we worked through