Your donation will help

We are an all-volunteer effort with no state, federal, or reimbursement funding.  Any donation you can provide will go straight to those who need our help.
​ We also need funds to keep the heat on this winter and to repair our roof.

Make donations to St. Wilfrid's through

GRACE Episcopal Church.
Click the hearts-in-hands photo that has a link to their on-line d form,  and pick "St. Wilfrid's" from the drop-down menu, or
send us a check

adding a note in the memo line directing your contribution to
​ "St. Wilfrid's Open Door Clinic" that will assure your gift finds us.

What We Need

  • Food and basic needs donations - Thank you to Wawa and Panera Bread who continue to be generous.
  • We appreciate the support of small bills and gift cards to buy the food we distribute.  Gift cards are great support.
  • We always need Spanish-to-English translators.
  • Our e-mail address is:  
  • Pray for the church: St. Wilfrid's, its strengthening.

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Our Next Open Door Clinic Session

  • The Next FULL Open Door session is Saturday, March 16, 2019,  11:00 AM to 1:00 PM .
  • We are exploring social media. Some have found out about our mission on Facebook.
  • ​Love the Lord with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself(Luke 10:27).


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83 North Dudley Street (Westfield Avenue and Dudley Street) Camden, NJ

Click the hearts-in-hands photo below for a link to Grace Church's donation page.

Open Door Clinic 

St. Wilfrid's Church

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  • We are most grateful to the Philadelphia Phillies Charities who have awarded the clinic  a $ 15,000.00 grant.  We can heat the building this winter and patch the leaky roof.  Thank you, thank you. Our first roofing bid is $ 14g
  • The clinic remains open because of the support of Grace Church Haddonfield and 1st Presbyterian Church Haddonfield, and our volunteers.
  •  We need your prayers.
    • thanks for Rose and Sarah, and Norman
    • thanks for the physician and nurses 
    • the free clothing table
    • We need helpers with social work and translators.
    • We received many new and good quality clothing from Grace Church-thank you.
    • Homeless Tony has his birth certificate and we are working to get a copy of his social security card, and a photo id: not easy with no address .  He is also back on the porch,
    • Thank you Intrepid Rose for leading the toy drive.
  • ​​ Thank you to Panera Bread, WaWa and a new sponsor moving forward: thank you; more details next month.
  • We need additional nursing assistance.
  • We have had many new volunteers.  Please be patient as we find the right niche for everyone.
  • Thank you nurses.
  • Thank you Geoff M. for applying for the Phillies grant.

Our e-mail address:

We are God's hands in Camden.

The question is why?

We are showing the love of Christ to the destitute of East Camden.

Use me, God

Show me how to take

Who I am,

Who I want to be,


What I can do, And

Use it for a purpose greater than myself.

What We've been Doing

 ​On Our Last Events:

  • On February 16, we gave away 65 food bags and lots of new coats....and some really great clothes collected by the wrestlers at HMHS.
  • We again provided many coats and jackets to our patrons and their children.
  • ​We provided 62 health screenings.
  • Since October 2011, the clinic has provided 3,030 documented health screenings.
  • On March 16 ,  we will be open for distribution of clothes,and food bags and health screenings.
  • Thanks to the many, many volunteers​

Send checks to:
​Grace Church Haddonfield,

re: Open Door Clinic
19 Kings Highway E, Haddonfield, NJ 08033